Now Accepting Guest Posts

Guatemala Jaspe Fabric

Some articles in this blog may be only partially finished. This allows me to gather feedback from my audience. I welcome subscriber’s feedback in pointing out errors or suggesting improvements, some of which I will gradually (or quickly), incorporate into a more finalized version. This iterative approach often leads similar bloggers to higher-quality content in the long run.

Are you a writer? Do you have an article that you would like to post on this blog of high-quality content of about 1000 words? If our objectives align effectively, I welcome your contact. There could be a synergy between us.

I would like to include more articles from people who travel overseas and buy to retail or wholesale in the US. And from entrepreneurs who have opened stores dealing in my kind of stuff. Also, crafters and artisans who make create for hobby or for re-sell.

Do you have any stories about misconceptions about starting and running a store? Things that would be helpful to others?

Do you have experience with online as well as brick-and-mortar? Care to compare the two together?

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