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In 1981 I fell in love with the music of the Grateful Dead. 

In 1982 I went to my first concert and fell in love with the culture and the peaceful vibes. Hippies were hanging out in the parking lot way before the show started, loving life, partying, hacking, playing guitars; and conducting business. Selling wire-wrapped and beaded jewelry as they were making it. Stir-frying and grill cheesing. Selling their devil sticks, Tye-Die T-Shirts, and many other things. Maybe 10% of the crowd was a traveling family going from show to show. Just trying to make enough cash to pay for a ticket to get into the next show and travel expenses to get there.

During the 80s I tried my hand at selling lots of different things, but by 1989 I was intrigued enough with all the Guatemalan clothes and accessories that I saw people selling that I wanted to travel there myself to check it out. I wanted to see where this stuff came from and who made it.

When I got to the rural central highlands of Guatemala I immediately fell in love.

Since then, traveling, buying, and selling has been my livelihood.

(You must visit Guatemala yourself if you have the chance, to see and understand the natural beauty of this country and the Indians who make the beautiful things that are produced there).

This blog will offer more content each week...whether it's about great products on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, or whether it's about stuff found on any of the many small mom-and-pop type websites.

I will also be eventually sharing info on some of my favorite brick-and-mortar stores in select areas of the USA that have been buying and selling my Guatemala products for many years. Thanks for stopping by :-)

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