Spending Money on Mood Rings for Anxiety Relief

Scott Smith Sep 23, 2023
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Why Spinner Rings?

Spinner rings are an immensely popular type of ring that has a free-spinning surface that glides around over the top of the actual ring. if you ever go to a concert festival and you come across a vendor booth that specializes in silver rings it is really easy to get tempted by the hundreds, or thousands, of rings… gleaming in the sunlight, laid out in black display boards on rows of tables.


I realized how much people needed to fidget with something with the advent of all the fidget spinner toys that hit the market like a tidal wave back in 2018. Although the trend has died off the message is that people need a form of release for their anxiety. This is a simple thing to help some people achieve that. A lot of people call them fidget rings instead of spinner rings. There are studies that report an improvement in attitude, attention, and engagement when they have something to fidget with.


Fidgeting with a piece of jewelry that you are already wearing, is much more practical and sanitary than grabbing for a cheap plastic toy.  This anti-stress jewelry can also help you associate feelings of peace and comfort with your ring, which you ALREADY own… and hopefully, love to wear. Many people are soothed by the sense of rubbing their fingers against the engraved texture of a miniature hand-crafted spinning wheel made out of a natural material like silver. The spinner can be seen by some as similar to the Buddhist wheel of life which covers the Non-linear cycle of death and rebirth. Spinning it relaxes the mind and dispels negative emotions similar to the way Buddhist Monks spin their prayer wheel.



Basic common-sense care for your ring is to keep it safely stored. A jewelry box is ideal for this along with a soft cloth pouch. Avoid harsh chemicals and soaps when cleaning your ring. If you have a ring with a sharp edge, make sure that it does not catch on anything else. If it does you can Put it in a plastic bag and use a plastic or wooden mallet to help to reshape it. If your ring gets wet, it is recommended to put it in a plastic bag until it dries off. It is recommended to remove it before swimming or washing your hands or taking a shower. If it has a gemstone, it is especially important not to let it get wet.


What they are made of

1) If you prefer to buy a ring that you can wear all the time you might want to consider titanium which is a stronger and more affordable option than gold or silver and is also scratch resistant. It is also hypoallergenic making it a great choice for anyone with allergies.

2) Another option is to use cobalt which is similar to platinum. It is a white alloy, and it is four times harder than platinum. It is also hyper allergenic and was developed in the aerospace industry. It is also incredibly durable and can be used in a wide range of applications.

3) Thirdly you might want to look into a rhodium plating process. It improves the brightness and whiteness of the ring. This coating can be applied to both white and reddish gold rings.

4) If you are looking for a ring that can be sized, you might want to go with a softer metal, such as silver. However, it is important to remember that softer metals cannot stand up to friction. They can deform, so you need to make sure that you are purchasing a ring that will fit your fingers.

5) Other options for your ring include bronze copper and recycled metals. You could even find a ring that has a textured pattern such as a Damascus steel ring. These styles are perfect for those who want a more modern style.

6)Depending on your needs you can also consider choosing stainless steel, which can be cleaned easily with dish soap and water. It is more durable than other metals, and it is a popular choice for wedding bands.


There are endless variations of these often handcrafted exotic-looking rings. Unlike a lot of rings, they tend to be pretty unisex. There are hippie-looking tribal designs all the way to total bling.

There are so many unique spinner rings to choose from these days so there is no lack of choice. They are ubiquitous on Amazon Etsy eBay etc.