20 Peru Handicrafts to Buy and Sell from 20 regions of Peru

Scott Smith Sep 25, 2023
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Crafts from Peru: Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Artisanal Treasures

Peru, a country steeped in history and diverse cultures, boasts a remarkable tradition of craftsmanship that spans its various regions. From the highlands of Cusco to the coastal cities of Lima and the lush Amazon rainforest, Peru's artisans produce an array of exquisite items that reflect their heritage and creativity. In this blog post, we'll journey through 20 different craft items from 20 different regions in Peru, incorporating the long-tail keywords that can help you find these treasures online.

1. Cusco (Southern Highlands): Alpaca Wool Textiles

When you think of Peruvian crafts, the intricate alpaca wool textiles from Cusco immediately come to mind. These handwoven treasures are sought after by enthusiasts worldwide. You can easily find "Peruvian alpaca wool sweaters for sale" online, showcasing the mastery of backstrap weaving techniques and traditional patterns passed down through generations.

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2. Puno (Lake Titicaca Region): Colorful Knitwear

In the picturesque region of Puno near the stunning Lake Titicaca, artisans create "vibrant and colorful knitted textiles" that capture the essence of Andean culture.  It's in this enchanting setting that the art of crafting "vibrant and colorful knitted textiles" has flourished.  These textiles include sweaters, scarves, and hats, with captivating patterns and motifs.


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3. Arequipa (Southern Coastal Region): Alpaca Wool Blankets

Arequipa is renowned for its "luxurious alpaca wool blankets." Soft, warm, and adorned with exquisite designs, these blankets are perfect for cozying up during chilly evenings.

4. Ayacucho (Central Highlands): Retablos

Journeying to Ayacucho, you'll discover the captivating world of "Peruvian retablos," small, intricate dioramas that bring religious and everyday scenes to life. Crafted from wood and plaster, these "retablos" are unique treasures to explore.

5. Lima (Capital Region): Mate Burilado

Lima's artistic tradition shines through its "intricate gourd art, known as 'mate burilado.'" Artisans carve intricate designs into dried gourds, producing one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

6. Cajamarca (Northern Highlands): Ceramics

Northern Peru, particularly Cajamarca, is known for its "renowned ceramics." Traditional pots and figurines featuring distinctive designs and vibrant colors are a testament to the region's rich craft heritage.

7. Lambayeque (Northern Coastal Region): Gold and Silver Jewelry

Lambayeque's fine jewelry, crafted from gold and silver, showcases "intricate filigree work" and often incorporates precious stones. "Peruvian jewelry online" is a search that can lead you to these exquisite pieces.

8. Ica (Southern Coastal Region): Nasca Pottery

Ica draws inspiration from the Nasca culture to create "pottery with intricate geometric designs and stylized animal motifs." It's a beautiful representation of regional craftsmanship.

9. Huaraz (Central Highlands): Stone Carvings

In Huaraz, artisans bring the art of "stone carvings" to life. These carvings often feature traditional Andean designs, animals, and religious figures.

10. Amazon Rainforest (Various Regions): Shipibo Textiles

Within the lush Amazon Rainforest, the Shipibo-Conibo people create "textiles with intricate geometric patterns." Using natural dyes, they produce unique, handcrafted pieces.

11. Ancash (Central Highlands): Huaylas Pottery

Ancash's "Huaylas pottery" is distinctive, known for its unique shapes and colorful designs. These ceramic pieces make for wonderful additions to any collection.

12. Trujillo (Northern Coastal Region): Filigree Silver Jewelry

Trujillo is celebrated for its "filigree silver jewelry." The delicate, lace-like patterns of this jewelry are captivating, and you can easily find "Peruvian filigree silver jewelry for sale" online.

13. Chulucanas (Northern Coastal Region): Ceramic Pottery

The pottery of Chulucanas is characterized by its "intricate designs and fine craftsmanship." These ceramics make for elegant home decor items.

14. Piura (Northern Coastal Region): Straw Hats

Piura's artisans are known for their "straw hats" made from the fibers of the toquilla palm. These hats are not only stylish but also provide excellent sun protection.

15. Huancayo (Central Highlands): Handwoven Rugs

Huancayo is renowned for its "handwoven rugs" that feature traditional Andean designs. These rugs are both decorative and functional, adding warmth and color to any space.

16. Iquitos (Amazon Rainforest): Amazonian Dreamcatchers

In the heart of the Amazon, artisans craft "Amazonian dreamcatchers" using natural materials. These intricate creations are believed to ward off bad dreams.

17. Chincha (Southern Coastal Region): Afro-Peruvian Drums

Chincha is known for its "Afro-Peruvian drums," used in vibrant musical performances and celebrations that highlight the region's African heritage.

18. Junin (Central Highlands): Pottery Vessels

Junin's "pottery vessels" are often decorated with intricate patterns and vivid colors, making them functional works of art.

19. Chachapoyas (Northern Highlands): Chachapoyan Textiles

Chachapoyas, the land of the Cloud Warriors, produces "Chachapoyan textiles" with distinct patterns inspired by the ancient Chachapoya civilization.

20. Ilo (Southern Coastal Region): Seashell Jewelry

The coastal town of Ilo is known for its "seashell jewelry," featuring beautifully crafted necklaces and bracelets made from seashells found along the Peruvian coast.

Peru's rich tapestry of crafts from its diverse regions offers a captivating journey through its culture, history, and creativity. Whether you're searching for traditional textiles, intricate jewelry, or unique pottery, exploring Peruvian crafts is a delightful way to connect with the country's artisanal heritage.