Magic Mushroom Necklace

Scott Smith Feb 02, 2023
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Gem Stones Carved into Mushrooms


-Roundup - Scott’s Favorite Mushroom Jewelry Online

-Why are mushrooms so Popular Right Now. I’m not really sure. 

-Glass Blown Mushrooms


Here are some of my favorite choices for cool-ass mushroom jewelry: 

Great Stainless steel ring with a prominent mushroom in the front and a celestial pattern in the background surrounding the band.

Simple silver chain that has a long simple mushroom pendant with a cool texture.

Well-made wire-wrapped crystal mushroom on a chain.  

50 shroom stickers.  Put them all over your house, your dressing bureau, your car windows, your bathroom mirror, your PC tower, your laptop, your bong,  your desk, your door, the refrigerator, your bike, and anywhere else you think of.

Why are Mushrooms so Popular Right Now?

 I’m not really sure, but I’d really like to know. Yes, mushrooms are ALL THE RAGE these days. It's incredible how widespread the interest is. I used to see them occasionally when I was out and about. Or I’d have to wait to get to a record store or a maybe a concert, where I’d see them on T-shirts and stickers galore. Now I see them on T-shirts at Walmart! Whoa!


Certainly, a lot of it is to do with the fact that Psychedelic Mushrooms are being accepted more and more for their therapeutic and recreational benefits. There is a growing interest and fascination with them.


Glass Blown Mushrooms

During the 1990s, the number of glass blowers creating designs for pipes exploded as smokers turned to glass from common traditional materials used back in the 1960s to the 1980s. 

People used to smoke out of metal pipes and wooden pipes, and other things. But now, glass pipes, bongs, hookahs, etc, will fill almost the whole space in almost any smoke shop you’ll wander into.  Not only that, these glass-blowing artisans are making many related and ancillary items like mushroom-shaped necklace pendants, stash jars, and other ornamental things.


Blowing glass is a super-enjoyable craft that has been practiced for a long time. But as the amount of glass pipe-blowing artisans in the 90s grew as the appetite for glass pipes grew, a  virtually limitless number of variations started to surface in the markets around the US and probably the world.   It takes time to learn this craft, as well as a financial investment of up to a few thousand dollars in the tools of the trade.  But if you ever try it, you may find it easy to fall in love with it.


Here are some pictures of simple glass-blown teardrop-shaped pendants with a small image of a mushroom inside. This is the starting point, and from here, they range to extreme mind-boggling creations. But these simple mushroom pendants can quickly be made once you get the hang of it. Then they can be strung on a cord and sold at a very affordable price. if you want to make them and sell them. If it's just a hobby, it can be kind of expensive.

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One of the exciting innovations done in the mid-1990s by a company called 7th Sense out of Long Island was taking the Fimo brand of polymer clay and creating caps that would fit over the glass teardrop shape, thus creating a natural magical combination.


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Or check out and purchase this blue variegated dyed braided hemp cord vintage style hand-blown glass pendant necklace with slider knots on each side so that it adjusts to hang low or high, according to your preference.  Buy here.






While there is still a big appetite from people to buy and wear glass pendants as necklaces, the more significant thing is mushroom-shaped gemstone pendant necklaces, which rides the current and growing trend of the mainstream popularity of all kind of crystals and gemstones.


Many people buy loose pendants in all sizes: as conversation pieces to put on their coffee tables or mantel places, as something to help decorate their garden, and of course, as jewelry.


You may better understand the current interest in mushrooms when you consider that people are becoming more aware of the hallucinogenic characteristics of mushrooms and how people are becoming more appreciative of the healing and spiritual benefits of gemstones. As local laws around the country are becoming more flexible, the use of magic mushrooms, cannabis, etc., isn’t demonized in people's minds the way it is when it is illegal. That's just the way it is, sadly. Instead of questioning laws and trying to change things, there is subliminal programming that says something is wrong just because it's illegal. 


Gemstones can be formed into mushroom-shaped pendants using a Dremel cutting tool or other more sophisticated tools by professionals. It's a fun DIY project that anyone can accomplish if they want to try to make one themselves. The Dremel engraving tool is affordable, simple, and produces stunning results. If you choose gemstones with large enough surfaces to carve into, you can gradually master this art.


You can easily find a wide variety on Amazon or Etsy. 

(if you want to learn more about the healing properties of gemstones, check my other blog post here). Research before you buy one and find the suitable stone for you. But be extra cautious if you buy them directly from China on eBay, Alibaba, or Wish. You might get a fake gemstone. Or it might be a natural stone that is man-made, basically reconstituted stone from little ground-up pieces. Or it could maybe be a low synthetic-grade glass or plastic/resin material.   While looking around, some cool glow-in-the-dark luminous carved mushroom pendants made from quartz crystals are pretty cool. Good luck!