Evil Eye Necklace, Bracelet Ring, Charm, & Bead are priceless

Scott Smith Sep 20, 2023
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Evil eye and hamsa hand bracelets:

Evil eye jewelry is made with these mysterious-looking eye beads that are actually made from glass or resin, and sometimes from gemstones. Many people wear this type of jewelry because it makes them feel safe. It's out of the belief that they ward off evil spirits/evil energy. Some people call them good luck eye beads, in fact, this is what they should be called. It sounds a less scary the first time a person hears the name. evertheless, the traditional name "evil eye" bead is what has mostly stuck. It derives from Turkish traditional culture. Even though they have been trendy of late, they still are more popular in this region on a per capita basis, than anywhere else in the world, according to Google stats.

Blue Evil Eye Resin Turkish Bead Bracelet



The Evil Eye is a potent symbol that has been around for more than five thousand years. Originating in the Mediterranean region, it has spread to other countries and cultures, becoming a part of their mythology and folklore. It is used to ward off malevolent intentions, bad luck, and spiritual wickedness.


In Spanish-speaking countries, the symbol is known as Mal de Ojo or ”evil eye”. In recent times, it has become a fashionable accessory in the United States and other parts of the world. It is often found in jewelry form or hung up in households to protect against harm from others or bad energy.


The talisman also serves as a reminder that people should be mindful of how their thoughts impact their environment and those around them. You can make use of this powerful protection by wearing it on your person or placing it in your home. For centuries people have believed that these charms can absorb negative energies and deflect any potential bad luck before it reaches you or your loved ones.


It is said that an evil eye can be effective if its bearer wears it with an open heart and sincere belief—this way the amulet can capture any ill will directed towards them before it takes root in reality. Ancient beliefs suggest that when someone wears an evil eye pendant they must carry positive thoughts to keep away any harm from coming close to them; otherwise, they could run the risk of being cursed by others’ envious glares.

Adjustable Multi Blue Bead Woven Weave Evil Eye Bracelet 

The Evil Eye bracelet is commonly worn by many different cultures and religions as a sign of protection from bad luck, negative energies, curses, or evil spirits. It is believed to bring good fortune and has even been linked to providing strength and courage in difficult times. Wearing the symbol can bring peace of mind during travels or when away from home as it acts as a shield against the unknown dangers that may be lurking. The talisman provides general protection against any danger that may come your way, and its beneficial energy can also positively influence those around you.


The charm can come in various forms such as a bracelet, necklace, earrings, anklet, or even hung up in a car, home or office. Keeping it close will help increase your luck and well-being whilst providing an added sense of security when you are out and about. Many believe that wearing the symbol can lead to greater success in life and boost confidence levels when facing challenging situations.

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In addition to its protective qualities, it is also thought that the Evil Eye brings positive vibes like happiness and joy into the life of its wearer. People who keep the symbol near often report experiencing more positive thoughts, improved well-being both physically and mentally as well as increased prosperity overall. So whether you are looking for some extra luck or protection against dark forces; this powerful charm is one item worth considering adding to your collection!


Sometimes, people driven by envy or bitterness can cast glances of ill will toward you without even knowing it. Unintended harm can take many forms, from intentional actions such as cutting someone off while driving, to unspoken thoughts and feelings. Whether you are aware of it or not, these negative intentions send out waves of energy that can affect you on both a physical and an emotional level.


It may be easy to forgive these instances of inadvertent harm, but that does not mean we should ignore the impact they have. Even those who don’t mean any direct physical harm may still cause mental or emotional trauma through their words and thoughts. And this is something that is not often recognized as being just as damaging as physical harm in some cases.


Unconsciously wishing another person ill is never a positive thing; it only further promotes negativity and conflict in the world. Instead of allowing jealousy or envy to cloud our judgment, we should strive to cultivate kindness and empathy towards others; even if they accidentally cut us off while driving! Practicing compassion will allow us to create a more loving environment for ourselves and those around us instead of one filled with anger or hatred.


In addition, it’s important to remember how powerful our thoughts can be. We must learn how to control our reactions and be mindful of what we wish upon others, even if it isn’t intentional. Unintended harm can often leave lasting psychological scars on those affected; so let’s all make sure to practice conscious kindness whenever possible!


Wearing Evil Eye Bracelets on the right or left hand:

Right - The right hand is highly regarded for wearing an evil eye bracelet as it is seen as the hand of logic and ideas. It also has a symbolic association with thought and action, being linked to the brain and thus being responsible for perception and reasoning. This part of the body is said to be able to boost creativity, help with decision-making, and enhance your overall luck in life. The relationship between the brain and the right hand is paramount when it comes to positive thinking and belief. By wearing an evil eye bracelet on this side of your body, you can tap into its power to attract beneficial energies that will bring good fortune into your life. It can also help you stay focused on solving problems in a rational way and open doors to opportunities that would not have been available before. Because this side of your body is opposite the heart, any negative vibes or feelings will be blocked by the charm's power while any positive ones will be strengthened by its presence. It also always reminds you that no matter what happens something is looking out for you.


Left - Besides not getting in the way if you are right-handed, the left side will ensure the maximum positive effects from the protective symbol because it is the side where people carry their emotions. It is also connected to the heart, and if you are spiritual, you’ve come across the heart being regarded as the core of one’s being – where we come to life and become the best versions of ourselves. So, whenever you have an eye bracelet on the left, you will be attracting good luck, happiness, and great fortune into your life; the left side of the body and its emotional connection is vital to your life’s achievements.

Without any emotional energies, the bracelet would have no positive or visible effects, The left hand is the side of your body that bears your essence.

Unfortunately, left-handed individuals may have to wear the evil eye bracelet on their right wrist if they want to enjoy the best effects of it. Why not test them out both ways? One should go with whichever hand they feel more comfortable with.


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How to buy one

When buying an evil eye bracelet, it is important to purchase one made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. For instance, brass bracelets are attractive but may not be ideal for daily use as they can quickly become tarnished and lose their luster over time. Silver and gold jewelry is usually a better option since these materials are far more durable and won’t require frequent polishing or cleaning. Moreover, you can opt for jewelry crafted with semi-precious stones. Currently the most popular are Turquoise, Amethyst, Onyx, and Agate. But any of the myriad gemstones available will add to its aesthetic appeal while also protecting from negative energies.


In addition, those looking for additional protection from envy and bad luck can choose to buy bracelets featuring charms such as blue-glass eyes or horseshoes. These charms are believed to deflect evil spirits and ward off any potential harm that may come one’s way due to malicious intent from outsiders. Furthermore, some people even choose to pair their evil eye bracelet with an additional piece of jewelry such as a necklace or ring that contains matching symbols of protection for extra assurance against negative forces. They go well with gemstone jewelry which has the added benefit of natural healing energy.