Hippie Beach Jewelry

Scott Smith Jan 17, 2023
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Hippie beach jewelry is generally made using different sea shells and beach components. These are some of the more common ones used in jewelry frequently seen up and down coastal areas at touristy types of beach shops; cowry shells, puka shells, clam shells, abalone shells, shark teeth, plumeria flower pendants, and coco beads ( short for coconut beads, sometimes spelled as cocoa). 

Here are some coco bead bracelets. The colorful ones have been dyed.

Coconuts are so abundantly available that they are nice and inexpensive to use. Plus their lightweight nature makes them economical to ship.

Clamshell beads are more expensive to use than coco, but cheaper than the now rare, genuine Puka shells, as well as other more exotic types of shells.

Here are clamshell bracelets

1)The first one has different shades of the same color. 

2)The second one has been bleached white to satisfy a strong demand for bright pure white beachy-looking shell jewelry.

3) The third is a clamshell with all mixed colors on each bracelet. 

It's great  cause the rainbow effect goes with all kinds of outfits

Here is a sample of a dyed clam shell combined with coco shells 

These ones are mixed about half coco and half clam 

This one is all clam with just a few coco beads mixed in to separate the continuous blue two-tone clamshell pattern. 

This one has coco beads that are braided into an adjustable-size bracelet.

Surfboards are fashioned into bracelets and necklaces as well. This surfboard pendant is fashioned from tropical Philippino woods and colored to give it a two-color shaded look. If you go to a surf shop such as Billabong, or QuickSilver, you won't find too much of this jewelry since real surfers don't wear much jewelry, and not this kind of jewelry. It's more for younger wanna-someday-be surfer types. The necklace with the surfboard drop-pendant on the right side is painted with plumeria flower designs.

N-266 N-266A

Plumeria flowers are a big Hawaiian motif at any beach setting. Speaking about Plumeria flowers, these are hair clips pictured from the front side. It's one of those items that is a classic beach item for the ladies. Year after year womenbut them and pin them in their hair.

They use a spongy material to simulate the look of a tropical Plumeria flower. They are also known as Frangipani flowers. The Hibiscus flower is very similar to the plumeria flower, but not quite as fashionable. Before I was in this business I didn't know these names but they are household names for some people; certainly, if you live in Hawaii.

Another common way to incorporate the Fimo flower into jewelry is by using the best quality and most popular brand of polymer clay called Fimo.