Gem Stone Jewelry

Scott Smith Jan 18, 2023
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Gemstone and Gemstone Jewelry

Read on to learn about the nature of gemstones and where you can find the right affordable bracelet for your personal aesthetics. Gemstone jewelry is everywhere these days as people are increasingly appreciative and understanding of their natural attraction and energy. Especially right now, since gemstone jewelry is so fashionable and trendy.


Costs vary dramatically with gemstones - with diamonds and rubies at the high end of the spectrum.

I will be talking about the many different semi-precious stones that can be made into jewelry; bracelets and necklaces that can be bought for from $5 up to $50


You can wear them for their natural beauty AND their natural healing energy. . The combination of these two things together separates them from imitation/costume/fake jewelry...or whatever you want to call it. The term fashion jewelry can technically be real jewelry, but the name is usually associated with jewelry without intrinsic value. For example, wood beads, bone beads, glass beads, resin beads, and base-metal beads. As a matter of fact, some types of resin beads can actually be hard to distinguish from gemstones if they are very well made. Costume jewelry is also a way of having disposable jewelry so that if you lose it, it doesn't hurt your budget too badly. Costume jewelry has an advantage in that it can be made to reflect a current trend, such as having a picture of a celebrity, or a stretchy bracelet with a peace sign.

Real jewelry is more pleasant and enticing. When you have a stone's natural healing energy against your skin it's a different experience. You absorb that stone's energy by osmosis, and the healing power can seep into your meridians and move around your chakras.

Certain gemstones aren’t even that much more expensive than imitation beads.  For example, Howlite (aka. Magnesite) is a low-grade stone that still looks really nice. It is plain color but when dyed blue and sold as an alternative to Turquoise, there is nothing wrong with it! Of course, Turquoise comes in a wide range of qualities with the nicer grades being too exquisite to be duplicated.



Usually, people wear stretchy bracelets made in 8mm and, to a little lesser degree, 6 mm. However, you can find them in 4 mm or 10 mm sizes if you like them dainty or chunky.


They are made into stretch (stretchy) cord bracelets, braided, and adjusted with slider knots so that one size fits almost any adult wrist. Because these are hand-braided there isn’t the risk that the elastic could snap and break. But if you get your bracelet from a reputable seller, it will presumably have the best quality elastic cord, which should hold up well for a long time.


There are some raw un-polished versions of gemstone jewelry, but what most people like are the ones with the round tumbled polished stones.

Gemstones can be carried and protected in little pouches such as this Guatemalan hand-crocheted small pouch with a drawstring that cinches closed. Available here are two sizes in an oval shape and one size in a rounded shape.

What is a gemstone

A gemstone is a mineral gem that, in a cut and cleaned structure, is utilized to make gems or other adornments. In any case, certain stones (for example, lapis lazuli, opal, and obsidian) and, at times, natural materials that are not minerals (like pearls) are likewise utilized for adornments and are consequently frequently viewed as gemstones too. Most gemstones are hard; however, a few delicate minerals are utilized in adornments due to their shine or other actual properties that have tasteful worth. Extraordinariness and reputation are different qualities that loan worth to gemstones.  Beads are made from mineral crystals. Sometimes they are used raw, but normally they are cut and polished to give them an appealing look that they have. There are some rocks as well as organic materials that are technically not minerals but when they are fashioned into jewelry and worn, they effectively become considered gemstones as well



Who makes gemstone jewelry?

 A jewel master is a gemologist, a pearl creator is known as a lapidarist or gem cutter and a precious stone shaper is known as a diamantaire.


Most gemstones have a rich history through civilization.

Let’s take a look, for example,  at the gemstone that is at least three times more popular than the next most popular – Turquoise:

Types of bracelets

1/Lava Chakra Bracelet

It uses different color gemstones to create a rainbow effect that represents the Meridian energies that flow around the different Chakras of the body.

The rest of the beads are made from lava, which is very porous, so you can take essential oils and drip them over the lava.

The lava stone is a great choice for keeping the fragrance

lava stone’s porous nature allows it to easily absorb your favorite essential oil while your body heat contributes to gently diffusing the scent to create your very own personal and wearable aromatherapy diffuser. Each lava bead includes naturally-formed voids and irregular surfaces, which makes each bead unique and makes it optimal for diffusing your favorite essential oils

Types of stones

1/ Turquoises are the holy stones of the Indians. They believe that turquoise produces a direct link from heaven to the seas They valued it as a protection stone and a healing stone and believed that turquoise develops its powers, especially in combination with red coral.  This is obvious today when typical Indian jewelry has silver,  turquoise, and red coral combined to make uniquely beautiful, intriguing jewelry and talismans.    In Europe, turquoise was known much earlier The Egyptians and the Greeks revered the stone as a semi-precious stone in healing stone.  Objects deposited with a corpse in a grave were frequently made of turquoise, but also many items of jewelry and cult objects were made from Turquoise. For those who wear it, turquoise has the power to keep all evil forces from the body and to protect the wearer from an unnatural death. It has the power to warn the user because it discolors in the event of a severe illness or an approaching reverse of fortune, and it is therefore a protective stone. The name turquoise probably comes from Greek and means Turkish Stone The first turquoise probably came to Europe from Turkey


Current popularity

Gemstones and gemstone jewelry are more popular now than they have been since the decades that I have been in the retail industry. Just going to popular Gem Fairs on weekends in different cities over the years reveals trends.  You'll see that most of the booths are selling crystals and stones whereas a few years ago there were more nongemstone beads and silver jewelry. Right now in California, it's about 90% rocks and crystals and semi-precious gemstones.


As of December 2022, eBay search results indicate that these are the most popular types of gemstone bracelets that are searched for, showing the search count:













Rose quartz 









Lapis lazuli






Clear Quartz


















Green Aventurine 






Red agate



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